I recently visited Próspera, a Honduran startup city. I had a ton of questions and figured others might too, so I wrote an FAQ to share what I learned:

This FAQ is intended as a reference, covering the basic facts and current status of the project. My hope is that this document will help startup city builders learn from the path Próspera is carving. It covers a range of topics:
  • infrastructure in Próspera and its neighbors
  • Honduras' unique legal autonomy framework
  • institutional structure of Próspera
  • taxes and tariffs
  • Próspera's business model
  • political environment in Honduras
  • local context, economy, and culture of Roatán, the island where Próspera is located
  • e-residency and physical residency
  • current population of Próspera and what made them to decide to move there
  • ... and more!

Here is an exported PDF, if you prefer that form factor.

Roatán, the island where Próspera is located