Hello, world! My name is Devon. I’m a writer (of code and words). The thing I care most about is unlocking human potential, so I think a lot about incentive design, tools for thought, and cities.

These days, I am building lending protocols on the blockchain at Bloom and producing a yet-unannounced interview series with computing pioneers. I also bluster on and on write about land use policy. Previously, I was Editor in Chief at the Stanford Review, and I was a software engineer at Affirm.

In my free time, I read weird blogs, take public transit, and train for triathlons. I love reasoning about, improving, and designing systems and infrastructure.

I update this page in a sporadic and unceremonious fashion.

Strong opinions, weakly held

An abridged list of things I want to learn more about:
  • Coordination problems
  • Urban planning, especially transportation
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Tools for thought
    • Bret Victor’s Ladder of Abstraction
    • Michael Nielsen's call to incorporate emotional impact, change habits of mind, and reduce the burden on people's short-term working memory
    • Steve Jobs' description of computers as "bicycles for the mind" doesn't go far enough
  • Ethics and meta ethics
  • Health, nutrition, and fitness
  • Synthetic biology
    • Bio fuels
    • Transhumanism and the idea that humanity is a "work in progress"
  • Ecology
  • Cooking
    • I’m really bad at it, but I like food
  • Linguistics
    • The history of language
    • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Psychology
    • Rationality and biases
    • Group and organizational
  • Cryptography, stenography, and information theory

The internet can be pretty faceless. Sometimes that’s what you want, but it’s not what I’m going for here.

One strong opinion that I do not hold weakly: dogs are the best

Pretty sure there will never be a better photo taken of me again

As cool as it’d be, I’m not a child prodigy. So to avoid being misleading, here’s a more recent photo

I post images of things I find beautiful to Instagram, usually almost-still videos of city streets but also other things.