I remember ideas best when I have the opportunity to discuss or explain them to other people. This blog is an experiment to see if summarizing, writing up reactions, and reiterating the highlights of what I’ve thought about or learned each day can have a similar effect.

I aim to write frequently enough that readers don’t ascribe posts as my static opinions but rather a stream of thoughts, caught in the middle of updates. A few things to expect as a result:
  • Most of the time I’m not going to be super careful about editing. In my past, I was a perfectionist, and it paralyzed me. I’d prefer to do things at 90% of their maximum potential quality than to hobble myself and not let anything out unless it’s at 100%.
  • I might change my mind. If I do, I’ll try to remember to make a note.
  • I might write something just for the sake of exploring that idea but not actually be sure if it’s a good one. I’ll make a point to include an epistemic status that indicates as such.

I’ve experimented with many different tools for augmenting the experience of reading and even tried building some of my own. These have been valuable to varying degrees, but nothing has had as great a ROI as simply teaching and exploring the ideas with another person.

I planned on simply writing these collections for myself as an extension of the isolated reading experience, but I realized that having an audience is probably an important part of what makes explanations so valuable in the first place – even if nobody reads these, the fact that they’re out there for eyes other than only my own will raise my standards and help me focus my writing for a particular audience.

This is meant to be a tool to augment my own personal learning as much as a way to share what I’ve learned, so if you disagree with any of the summaries or conclusions in a collection or find any inaccuracies in the facts I state please don’t hesitate to let me know!

My writing has moved around several times, and not everything survives each transition.

You can find more of my work on Medium, my old site (devonzuegel.github.io, previously hosted on this domain), The Stanford Review, Strong Towns, and Market Urbanism.

A subset of this site was originally hosted at ideacollector.tumblr.com (aliased to notes.devonzuegel.com). It’s now consolidated here.